Sci-Fi Month 2015

It is officially Sci-Fi Month 2015! Hosted by Sci-Fi Month founder, Rinn Reads, and Over the Effing Rainbow, Sci-Fi Month is a month-long blog event that encourages bloggers to celebrate all things science fiction throughout November.

Personally, I have always been drawn to science fiction, mainly in the forms of movies and television. It is a suitable medium to explore our humanity, our future, the scope of what we might be able to accomplish, and how our world might look in the years to come. It is exciting to take the world we know and combine it with new landscapes and technologies that could become a part of our reality some day.

My own blogging plans for Sci-Fi Month 2015 are not ambitious, but I do have a few things in the works. I will update this post throughout the month with links to all the posts I make related to this event.

My Sci-Fi Month 2015 schedule so far:

1. Introductory post [1/11/15]
2. 30 Days of Sci-Fi Movies + Live Tweet [1/11/15]
3. Sci-Fi Comic Books on my Pull List
4. My Five / Ten Favourite Sci-Fi Movies
5. Australian Sci-Fi Movies

As much as I am looking forward to writing about sci-fi, I am even more excited to read from others partaking in Sci-Fi Month 2015. Even though I like the genre, I am not what I could call well-versed on the subject, so I am keen to possibly learn more about the genre, but also to find new books, movies, television shows, and video games that I can enjoy.

Sci-Fi Month 2015

Want to take part in Sci-Fi Month? You still can, if you’re interested. Even if you want to start participating half way through November, that’s fine. Read the official Sci-Fi Month 2015 accouncement to find out how you can sign up and start taking part in the celebration of all things sci-fi this November.

Follow the official Sci-Fi Month twitter, @SciFiMonth, to get updates on all the blog posts and activities happening during this fantastic event. You can also follow Rinn Reads, @rinnreads, and Over the Effing Rainbow, @effingrainbow.


9 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month 2015

  1. Your 30 Days of Scifi Movies sounds like such fun! I was thinking about doing a marathon of some Scifi show myself. . .but I start a new job on Monday so I figured it probably wasn’t practical to try to pull it off without knowing my schedule and everything yet.


    • That’s great. There are some good sci-fi reads in the comic kingdom, so hopefully my list will point you to some ones you will enjoy. I hope to have it posted by tomorrow or early next week. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment.


  2. Welcome to Sci-Fi Month, glad to have you on board πŸ˜€ The event is so wonderful for discovering new books, films etc, as well as meeting fellow fans. So it’s definitely great if you’re not well-versed, as you said!

    Good luck with the 30 films, I’ll have to try that some time…


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