My Top 6 Eurovision 2016 Performances

I started writing this post as soon as Eurovision 2016 was over, but for reasons that I cannot think of, I did not end up finishing it. I wrote about My Top 6 Eurovision 2015 Performances last year, with the intention of it being a tradition, and By Jove it will be one! Therefore, I am writing this and posting it even though Eurovision ended months ago. Anyway, Eurovision is always relevant, amirite?

My Top 6 Eurovision 2016 Performances

1. Jamala1944 (Ukraine)

The winning performance of Eurovision 2016 and there is a reason for it. 1944 is a heartfelt song that Jamala throws herself into completely, as the story behind it is deeply personal to her. Despite being immediately drawn in by her onstage presence, it took me until the second listen through to be won over by the song itself, but once I was, I loved it.

2. Laura TesoroWhat’s The Pressure (Belgium)

A solid catchy number that makes me want to groove… in my seat, because I don’t dance. I will say, there is definitely a familiar beat that sounds like it was taken directly from Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, and there are hints of Jamiroquai and the song Sax by Fleur East in there.

3. Poli GenovaIf Love Was A Crime (Bulgaria)

Another catchy, upbeat song that puts me in good spirits. Poli Genova is a cutie during this performance and I like her vibe.

4. Minus OneAlter Ego (Cyprus)

I would say that I enjoyed this song because it’s a total rip off of another song I like, Somebody Told Me by The Killers.

5. Iveta MukuchyanLoveWave (Armenia)

This song and performance is all pretty typical Eurovision fare, but Iveta Mukuchyan sang the song well and I’m always a sucker for the useage of traditional music/instruments.

6. Michał SzpakColor Of Your Life (Poland)

There’s nothing in particular I have to say about this. It was one of the better songs this year. Um… Michał has nice hair?

BONUS: Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede – Love Love Peace Peace

Can we talk about how perfect the interval act was? I loved it! This being the first year that Eurovision was aired live in the US and China, it was a great introduction to what the show is all about.

Also, anyone who has been watching Eurovision for a number of years will know how terrible the hosts can be. Out of the years that I have watched the show, Petra and Måns were the best by far. They were professional, had great chemistry and were successfully funny. I’m almost tempted to say that they should be the hosts every year, but then we’d probably miss out on some glorious fails.


My Top 6 Eurovision 2015 Performances

The Eurovision Song Contest was on this past weekend. It is an event that I look forward to each year. I first watched Eurovision when I was a kid; my dad introduced me to it. I loved the kitsch, outlandish nature of the performances. It was pure entertainment. I can’t remember what year I first watched Eurovision, but I know that I have been watching it almost every year since I was eleven-years-old, which was in 2005, only missing it in 2009 and 2010.

Something I have noticed in the competition overall is that it has moved further away from the zany with each passing year, which is somewhat of a blessing, because we’re not subjected to as many terrible songs and singing. At the same time, some of the charm and cultural diversity has been sapped from the show. Not as many contestants are singing in their own language, opting to sing in English instead, which is disappointing.

Despite that, I think the Grand Final performances were fairly strong this year. There were not many songs that I thought were outright bad. Even so, I did have my favourites, which I am going to share with you.

My Top 6 Eurovision 2015 Performances

1. Loïc NottetRhythm Inside (Belgium)

I especially liked the choreography during this performance. It was simple, but interesting and effective. It was different to any of the other performances. I did like the song, too, and Loïc Nottet’s vocals were great.

2. Elina Born & Stig RästaGoodbye To Yesterday (Estonia)

I enjoyed this song. Born and Rästa did a pretty good job, but I think that this song could be covered by some other artists, who have stronger singing abilities, and be even better. I also liked the use of the shadows on the stage.

3. AminataLove Injected (Latvia)

For some reason, this gives me The Fifth Element vibes. I love the quirky, artistic element to this performance and song. Aminata looked amazing on the stage.

4. Guy SebastianTonight Again (Australia)

When it was first announced that Guy Sebastian would be representing Australia, I thought that he was a serviceable choice, but I was underwhelmed by it. Once I heard a preview of the song he was going to sing, Tonight Again, I was more optimistic. Seeing his actual performance on the night of the Grand Final, I can now say that he was a great choice. The song is catchy and he outsung practically all of the other contestants.

5. Nina SublattiWarrior (Georgia)

I’m not sure why I liked this song as much as I did, but I did, so there.

6. MaraayaHere For You (Slovenia)

I’m not a huge fan of the song itself, but Marjetka Vovk’s vocals were striking, which is the main reason why I enjoyed it as much as I did. Also, you gotta love the headphones and the intense air violinist. Pure Eurovision.

I cannot end this post without talking about what an historic occasion, and an exciting one, this year was for Australian Eurovision fans, like myself. As you can see by my list, Australia officially participated in the contest this year as part of Eurovision’s 60th anniversary celebrations! This meant that, for the first time ever, I was able to vote. It was pretty exciting stuff, guys. I had to get up at 4:30AM to watch the Grand Final live at 5AM, but it was worth it. I voted for Belgium twice, Estonia, Latvia, and Slovenia once. There was some problems with the voting, so I don’t think all of my votes were counted, but I was able to participate in Eurovision like I had never been able to before and that was good enough for me.