Inside the Theme: Feed Me, Seymore!

Inside the Theme is an interactive series over at the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club blog, +5 Charisma, where the staff members answer questions that explore that months theme. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join in and share their own A’s to those Q’s. Post them on your blog, social media, or the IGGPPC forums. This month, we’re talking all about food with the theme Feed Me, Seymore! Read on for my answers and then check out the original Inside the Theme post here.

1) What two edible masterpieces inspire your inner chef?

I think this is a good time to share with you the beautiful vegan cake that I had on my birthday this year from a local business called Rainbow Nourishments. I mean, look at it! If that is not an edible masterpiece…


In terms of how I find inspiration to get into the kitchen, I prefer to find mine through the practical, every day kind of food and cooking. Recipes for stir fries, curries, bowls, smoothies and so forth are what motivate me. Before I became a vegan, I wasn’t that into food blogs or YouTubers, but as a result of researching the diet and trying to find recipes, I have been sucked into the online vegan foodie world. I especially enjoy watching ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos on YouTube. They are a great way to find new recipes to incorporate into your day to day. Some of my favourite vegan YouTubers are Cheap Lazy VeganHoneybunch of Onion Tops, and Thriving on Plants.

2) Timeless Treasures. What family recipe do you most treasure or covet (if you don’t have it yet)?

My dad used to bake an amazing banana and poppy seed bread when I was a kid. However, he lost interest in cooking when I was still pretty young and he has forgotten/lost the recipes to the wonderful foods he used to make. Unfortunately, that includes the aforementioned banana and poppy seed bread. Boo! Even though it wasn’t a vegan recipe, I would still love to have it. I could have tried to adapt it! Alas, it shall never be.

3) In a box? With a fox? Where would you have dinner if you could partake in a fictional feast?

Whilst I would happily eat at Hogwarts or develop a sugar high at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, neither compare to the glorious feast I could have at Yubaba’s bathhouse from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. How I would gorge myself silly…


4) A feast for the senses. Comfort food goes beyond just eating, what kitchen scent is at the top of your list?

I love the smell of curry. Although, that is probably due to all the amazing spices that a curry contains. So, I think my favourite kitchen scent is the cooking of earthy spices. Others that are at the top of my list are mushrooms frying and banana bread straight out of the oven.

5) Most memorable or strangest meal you’ve ever eaten?!

I had an emu kebab at a multicultural festival when I was a kid and it was gooooood. I had never eaten emu before and I have not had the opportunity to do so again, so that is why it is one of my most memorable. Also, a few years ago, my dad took me to one of the best restaurants in our city for my birthday. I had never been to a restaurant of that calibre before and the food was delicious. The highlights were the entrée of Kingfish and the dessert, which had a chocolate, liquorice mousse with blood oranges and it was ohmygodamazing. I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face whilst I was eating it.


Sci-Fi Month 2015: 30 Days of Sci-Fi Movies + Live Tweet

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a keen movie watcher. I am tempted to say that film is my favourite medium, but I don’t think I can say that outright, since I still place great value in reading books. In October, I challenged myself to watch thirty-one horror movies during the course of the month. It was a great way to watch more movies and I enjoyed doing the challenge a lot. Therefore, for Sci-Fi Month 2015, I’m going to challenge myself to watch at least thirty science fiction films in November.

Below is a list of the movies I will be watching this month:

Blue = Movies I have seen before, Yellow = Movies I haven’t seen before

Click on the image to view in full size.

Also, I’m a member of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club where I am one of the coordinators of Iggle Flicks. Every month, we watch and discuss a number of different movies, and we also run Twitter watch-alongs; it’s a fun way to watch movies with people over the internet. So, I’ve decided to live tweet four different science fiction movies during November and it would be great if people could join me.

Here are the dates and times of the four movies I’ll be live tweeting:

1. Galaxy Quest (1999)
Sunday, 8th November @ 2 AM GMT / 1 PM AEDT

2. RoboCop (1987)
Sunday, 15th November @ 2 AM GMT / 1 PM AEDT

3. The Matrix (1999)
Sunday, 22nd November @ 2 AM GMT / 1 PM AEDT

4. The Fifth Element (1997)
Sunday, 29th November @ 2 AM GMT / 1 PM AEDT

If you are interested in live tweeting with me, follow me on Twitter, @molly_tornado.

Is anyone else planning on live tweeting science fiction movies or running watch-alongs during Sci-Fi Month?

Sci-Fi Month 2015

Sci-Fi Month is a month-long blog event hosted by Rinn Reads and Over the Effing Rainbow that encourages bloggers to celebrate all things science fiction throughout November. Follow the official Sci-Fi Month twitter, @SciFiMonth, to get updates on all the blog posts and activities happening during this fantastic event.